Designer Skin Something Fierce Bronzer

Something Fierce Bronzer

[one_half] Designer Skin Something Fierce Natural Bronzer helps nourish your skin; helps promote a more youthful look, a firmer texture, and a healthy glow. Something Fierce has essential vitamins and the formula contains brown seaweed which helps revitalize body tissue and an Ultra Conditioning Blend to promote softer, smoother skin. [/one_half][divider] ⇢ Click here to See … Read more

Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Rush Review

Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Rush

[one_half] Think your bronze has gone all the way? Think again! Go beyond bronze and strike gold with Designer Skin’s scientifically designed Defiance™ Tanning Complex. This exclusive complex will help break through your tanning plateau to take color to the next level of darkness, while Ultra-Refined Gold helps provide a dazzling glow only pure gold … Read more

Bahama Tan Medium Self Tanning Lotion Review

Bahama Tan Medium Self Tanning Lotion

The Bahama Tan Self-Tanning Lotion is your complete cure for pale skin. Even if you simply want to brighten up your skin tone, this self-tanner is the answer you are looking for. I have been using Bahama Tan for quite some time now and haven’t had the need to switch or look elsewhere for a … Read more