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Jwoww One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer Review

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

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Jwoww One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer

I have very sensitive skin so it’s hard to find a bronzer that my skin won’t react negatively to and give me a nice color. Often I breakout and end up with itchy skin after using certain bronzers. I was offered a sample packet from my tanning salon and I thought I’d give it a try. Let me tell you, it gave me a super nice color and no breakouts!

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Full Review of Jwoww One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer

I purchased a full-size bottle online as it’s quite expensive at a salon. After two weeks of using this, two times a week for fifteen-minute sessions, I had a magnificent, dark color. I now use it just once a week for tanning to keep the color I have. If you’re looking to get a darker tan then stick to using three times a week.

The DHA and the black walnut blend in this lotion help enhance the color of your tan hours after you’ve applied the lotion. It keeps creating a darker richer color. It provides a nice dark color with no orangey shade.

This Jwoww One and Done comes in a roundish, purple bottle with black writing and JWOWW printed on the front in bold, gold cursive letters. The lotion is white and has no shimmer so there’s no risk of staining clothes. With that said, it can stain your hands and nails if you don’t wash it off your hands after applying.

The consistency was fairly good, not thin or too thick and spread on quickly and evenly and it leaves skin smooth and moisturized. The bronzer normally lasts me for a long time but I only go to the salon once a week now. If you go more often it will last you about a month. It will fade evenly if you don’t go tanning regularly every week.

The Jwoww One and Done lotion is yogurt based which is great and makes it a good lotion for sensitive skin! As we all know, yogurt is rich in nutrients and proteins and it helps make skin smooth and primed for tanning and enables the skin to absorb quickly.

JWoww One and Done line of products are produced by Australian Gold which for me is a bonus because I love their products. This line isn’t like their other products but good products just the same.

I wasn’t too crazy about the fragrance. Although it’s not overpowering I found it a little sweeter than I normally like and it has a floral scent which I’m not really crazy about. The fragrance is a mix of pear, bourbon, tiger lily vanilla and musk. Some people like it. It doesn’t smell awful it’s just a matter of preference.

I like this bronzer quite a bit but fragrance for me is a big thing so, although I use it regularly I now often alternate it with another Australian Gold bronzer from their regular product line.

If you’re looking for a quick, dark tan in little time then I recommend this product. I feel anyone that tries this product will be happy with the results.

Happy tanning!

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