Millennium Tanning Solid Black tanning lotion 100X Review

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Analysis and review

I was introduced to the Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X some time ago and saw great results with how tanned and brown it made my skin look. I thought it was a terrific tanning lotion so of course, I had a newfound respect for the Millennium brand. It was just a matter of time before I would try the Solid Black Bronzer 100X. To quickly compare the two lotions, I would have to say that the Millennium Solid Black 100X lotion offers the same qualities but is by far more powerful.

The Solid Black 100X version is designed primarily for indoor use with the implementation of a tanning bed. However, I have heard of instances where people have used it outdoors for sunbathing and have experienced some darkening. But I would recommend only using it in the tanning bed because there is no SPF or sunscreen protection plus there are tanning lotions out there that are better suited for the outdoors.

It’s hard to make a mistake with this lotion, it applies very easily. The texture and consistency make the lotion glide unto your skin like silk. It also contains a significant amount of bronzer, so the actual color of the lotion is tinted too. Once you apply the lotion, you will see how it is masking your skin and creating a guide to help you achieve even coverage.

Be sure to apply it properly to your skin, I would suggest rubbing in deep circular motions all over your body until you feel that it has absorbed somewhat. There are lots of moisturizing elements in its mixture, so your skin will feel very slick after you have applied it. There are infusions of many different kinds of oils such as walnut seed, pecan seed, sunflower seed, carrot seed, and camellia oleifera leaf extract plus the added vitamins and nutrients from banana, apple, and melon fruit extracts.

Back of bottle showing all the ingredients

Once you are ready to tan, speak with someone at the salon about the tanning bed types and options they have available. This Millennium tanning Solid Black Bronzer 100X lotion is laced with high bronzing concentrations that will get your skin very dark and in a short space of time. I have never tried using a high-level bed since I know what the lotion is capable of doing, I use a level 3 bed for 15 minutes to get the job done plus lower level beds delivers less UVA exposure and is ultimately gentler on your skin.

I am considerably pale in complexion and when using this lotion I get a significantly darker and bronzed look. My tan usually lasts for a week and a half before I notice any fading and then it gradually fades for another couple of days. I visit my tanning salon every three weeks unless I have an event and would like to darken up my skin tone for the occasion.

It also makes my skin feel extremely soft and supple after every use and continually so for the rest of the day. It’s important that the night before or day of tanning, to clean and exfoliate your skin, this not only aids in getting your skin smooth for tanning but it also helps the tanner to penetrate your skin better as well as apply effortlessly and evenly.

The lotion has a pleasant light flowery scent that is derived from their Orchid Blush fragrance. It smells great going on your skin and remains fairly potent during tanning, but disappears right after you have had a shower. The color of the lotion also disappears after a shower but don’t worry your tan is there to stay. I guess you could say it is water-resistant after you’re done tanning. Once you have applied the tanning lotion, however, you should avoid having anything touch your skin, like clothing of any kind. This will cause weird marks to develop on your tan, and these may be hard to correct, so just avoid it altogether.

I am very happy with the results this Millennium tanning Solid Black Bronzer 100X lotion gives me. As a matter of fact, the Millennium product line in my experience is a trusted brand. It has all the perks a tanning lotion has to offer, that is extreme tanning and color darkening of my skin, skin conditioning to the highest degree, ease of use, quick results, a great scent, and healthy ingredients all around.

I actually don’t mind the look of the bottle compared to many of the other Millennium tanning lotions. Like its counterparts, it is a round-shaped bottle with a gothic theme. The overall color on the bottle is gray with the name Solid Black written boldly in white on the front. There is a picture of a cross at the base to the side and some abstract artwork adorned all over the bottle.

I would recommend this lotion to anyone seeking a quality tanning product and for the price, you can count on getting a good deal. These lotions range from about $18 to $20 on Amazon and other retailers online or if you choose, check your local convenience store e.g. Walmart or Target, because they are pretty popular.

Tanning salons tend to sell overpriced tanning products that aren’t necessarily better than some of these lower-priced ones. The key is to find the good tanning lotions out there and the only way to do that is going through reviews from people who have not only used the product but those who have tried a number of different ones to make a comprehensive comparison. So take it from me, who have been tanning all my life and have gone through more tanning lotions than you can count. – this Millennium Solid Black Bronzer 100X is on the top tier of the tanning lotion line.


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Amelia Hong
Amelia Hong
I am a staff writer for based out of LA. I love spending time with my family and my awesome dog Archie.

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  1. Hello Amelia,

    my name is Lorenzo and I write from Italy, I’m a fan of tanning and I’m always looking for the best product, I used Australian Gold products, DESIGNER SKIN, and now I’m using MILLENIUM TAN SOLID BLACK who gave me some good results, do you think the PAINTING IS BLACK always by MILLENIUM TAN lotion tans more intensely than SOLID BLACK, in the review it has had 5 stars as a result of tanning, or do you advise me if you want another lotion that goes beyond SOLID BLACK?

    Best regards.



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