How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost?

Getting a nice, even tan is something many people strive for, but not everyone wants to risk skin damage by tanning under the sun or using tanning beds. Luckily, there’s a solution that can give you a beautiful bronze glow without sacrificing your skin health: a spray tan. But how much does a spray tan

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Two girls laying on the beach tanning

When is the Best Time to Tan?

Have you tried tanning a couple of times and still haven’t figured out why you can’t arrive at that dark bronzed glow some of these other chics have? Well, the explanation for this can be a number of things. One of which is, not knowing what is the best time to tan. Luckily you have

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How Long Does It Take to Tan?

People can have completely different experiences when tanning; this is usually based on their skin type, the tanning products they use, when and where they go to tan as well as how often they do. All these factors actually determine how quickly you will develop a tan but there is a general expectation from tanning

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Graphic fo woman getting a spray tan

Ultimate Spray Tan Guide: Spray Tan Tips For A Beautiful Tan

Gone are the days of looking pale and horror-stricken all the time for no reason. Here you will discover how to bring the color back into your life through spray tanning. This is your ultimate spray tan guide complete with professional tips and tricks, to help glow up your complexion and have you looking on-fleek

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How To Tan Faster

It’s only reasonable that you would want to reduce the time you spend tanning, whether it’s in the sun or tanning bed. There are a couple of tanning products that are available to speed up the tanning process, which we will discuss but there are also a whole bunch of tips and tricks you should

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how to remove self tanner featured image

10 Tips On How To Remove Self Tanner At Home In 2023

Picture this: You’ve just applied self-tanner at home, but something went wrong, and now you’re left with streaks and patches. Don’t fret! There are numerous ways on how to remove self tanner at home, so you can fix the problem and get back to flaunting your sun-kissed skin. In this blog post, we will explore

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Tanning Bed Tips

Tanning beds have maintained popularity over the years for the ease they provide to obtain a good-looking tan. You need to know the top tanning bed tips to help you achieve your ideal glow. There are so many elements as to why tanning beds are the number one option for getting that toned, sun-kissed complexion

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