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Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic Review

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

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Streak-Free, Natural Looking Tan in a Convenient Towelette

Individually Packaged and Infused with Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Cucumber Extract

These TanTowel self-tan towelettes are simply brilliant. Talk about reinventing the wheel! TanTowel® patented the first self-tanning towelette, which has completely revolutionized the way millions of people self-tan today. They are just as effective as any self-tan/ sunless lotion, cream or mousse out there but way more convenient.

Full Review of Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic

I’m guessing you haven’t tried them yet, so you are here reading this review. Well, let’s start off by verifying the product.

These are actual towelettes that are individually packaged in a compact, foil insulated paper wrapper. They are orange and white packets with a tribal style sun on the top-center and the name TanTowel® printed right in the center. The tagline ‘look good naked’ is written in all caps below, followed by the product’s description. The box that they are enclosed in, similarly bears the same design.

To use, simply rip-off the top of the packet to expose the towelette inside and you’ll see that the towelettes are completely saturated with a clear self-tanning liquid. Unfold and wipe the agent over your skin in efforts of covering as much surface area as possible. Do this quickly, as this self-tan liquid absorbs and dries pretty quickly, more so than other tanners in the lotion, mousse or gel form.

When you feel the towelette’s liquid begin to desiccate, run it over the areas that are already moist and reapply in a circular rubbing motion to work-in the liquid into your skin. This technique has proven to be quite effective for me and has attributed to producing a streak-free, even and lasting tan.

Other ways to achieve lasting results is to prep your skin before using the TanTowel self-tanning towelette. Bathe and exfoliate your skin with an in-shower body scrub and exfoliating mitten or loofa. Then towel dry and allow your skin to cool before applying the self-tanner. Try not to start tanning when your skin is damp or partially dry.

You also want to try and maintain your tan by keeping your skin nourished and conditioned. I usually apply moisturizes and lotions at least 24 hours after I tan without concern that they will affect my color. I shower daily with moisturizing body wash also without fear that my tan will fade sooner than it should.

TanTowel self-tanning liquid formula fuses with the proteins and amino acids in your skin to produce a darkened skin tone thus simulating a healthy and natural looking tan, literally within 3 hours. In my personal experience, I have endured up to 5 days of a deep, lustful tan with no worries.

When it starts to fade, it does so uniformly, so you don’t have to worry about it leaving darker splotches all over your body that other sunless tanning products tend to do.

I also use this self-tan towelette on my face. As you can imagine, the convenience is remarkable for a number of reasons.

1 – The towelette is designed in such a way to leave the right about of liquid depth on your face so that it covers lightly and evenly.
2 – It dries in less than 10 minutes and develops quickly to give me a bronzed sun-kissed glow.
3 – Tanning my face with these towelettes cuts down my makeup application time significantly since I usually apply concealer foundation to give my face some color. Now, I just use eyeliner and a touch of mascara because my face already is prepped to go.
4 – the towelette’s light, quick-drying formula has been proven to be safe on my skin, I have not experienced any irritation or breakouts of any kind.

TanTowel self-tan towelette does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn, so you may want to supplement where that is concerned, just apply your sunscreen the day after or at least when the self-tan solution has completely developed your tan i.e. about 6 hours or so.

There are some good ingredients included in this product, The towelette’s liquid ingredients include tea tree leaf oil and cucumber fruit extract, which are both great for your skin. It’s also fragranced and has a fresh fruity scent.

Don’t expect to get a very deep looking tan with one use of this ‘Classic’ version of TanTowel self-tanner, however, the ease of use makes reapplication effortless. Users can easily rub themselves down all over again within minutes as well as, quickly touch up on areas that need more color. Consecutive usage of this self-tanner will produce darker results. It is important to wait a day to see how dark you get each time.

TanTowel towelettes have a clear liquid formula that goes on clear so there is no mess and is perfect to use at nights before bedtime, rest assure your sheets will be safe.

This completes my review, I believe I have said enough positive statements and given enough reasons to convince you to use it, but I’ll just add that TanTowel self tan towelette gets a 10 out of 10 in my books. You should definitely give it a try; I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Wipe Medium Deep Classic 10 Count
  • Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one
  • Classic Size
  • 10 Towels Included

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