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St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

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Natural-Looking, Streak-Free Tan

Infused with Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, Experience a Smooth and Long-lasting Tan

This lightweight mousse is ideal for anyone looking to get a natural looking tan. This self-tanning mousse dries in 60 seconds and after 4-8 hours, develops into a long-lasting tan. Infused with eco-cert approved DHA (an all natural tanning agent), St. Tropez delivers a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that fades evenly.

Full Review of St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

I’ve used St. Tropez tanning products on and off for years but I was a little hesitant in trying this particular product. Lately it seemed to be getting some bad reviews, more than usual. Although hesitant, I had to try it for myself to either prove or disprove some of the reviews I had seen.

The St. Tropez self-bronzing mousse is very light and airy, just like any mousse product.  The mousse spread well and applied evenly. The catch to get a really great result is using their applicator mitt. Bad thing, it has to be bought separately and it costs about $7 more on top of the $45 for the mousse itself, depending on where you buy it.  If you choose to apply it without the mitt it still provides a nice color but exceptional. With the mitt, the mousse goes on really easily and it covers and colors perfectly. The mousse should last for about 5 full uses.

The mousse dries fairly quickly and it develops into a nice, non-orangey tan. As with any self-bronzer make sure to exfoliate your skin for best results. Dabbing on some moisturizing lotion, a very small amount to elbows, knees and hands helps the mousse from over saturating and keep the color look natural. Always wash your hands after applying. Even with the mitts, there’s always a chance of getting a little on your hands. The Shea butter and avocado oil help promote smooth skin and it lasts a long time.

I found that if the mousse is applied to skin that isn’t totally dry and can stain light clothes a bit. For best results and to avoid getting your good clothes stained, apply the mousse overnight and make sure it’s completely dry before getting into bed. In the morning it doesn’t look very pleasant. I actually looked kind of dirty and blotchy. Get yourself in the shower. The residue will wash away. Pat skin dry and you’re left with a fantastic natural looking tan.  To keep the color fresh be sure to apply every 3 or 4 days.  Always exfoliate well before, this cannot be emphasized enough.

The scent wasn’t too bad when first applied; it was a clean, light scent. After a few hours it smelled a little like your regular self-tanners, not all that pleasant but not horrible.

All-in-all I have some mixed feelings. It is a pretty good self-bronzer and works well. It doesn’t streak so the color is even. I found my skin was left feeling smooth. Personally, I found the color a little lighter than what I would have liked. If you’re looking for a product that provides a really dark tan, this isn’t it. I don’t like the fact that they don’t provide the application mitt free of charge like other companies with similar products do.

Overall I like the St. Tropez self-bronzing mousse but I’ve used other self-bronzers that provide a darker color and have a nicer scent from beginning to end.

St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzer Mousse Foam, Original Fake Tan, Streak-Free Finish, Develops in 4-8 hours, Vegan, Natural & Cruelty Free, 8 fl oz
  • SELF TANNER: Our most iconic & foolproof self tan – lightweight & quick-drying formula for a beautiful streak-free natural-looking tan
  • BEAUTY PRODUCTS: This trusted fake tan develops into a natural golden glow that lasts up to 10 day wear
  • SKINCARE: Infused with hydrating jojoba oil & other skincare actives enjoy a hydrated & long-lasting glow
  • HOW TO USE: Use an exfoliator & moisturizer before applying, then simply apply with or without a tanning mitt & wait 4-8 hours – no need to wash off
  • VEGAN BEAUTY 100% clean, vegan friendly & natural tanning actives – makes a great gift for anyone who needs a little self care

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